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A wild adult drinking game brought to you by Lucky Egg



Sloshed is a (really) wild adult drinking game developed by the team at Lucky Egg.

We launched Sloshed in 2021 because most of the other drinking games on sale suck!

Sloshed has three different levels.

You can play tame and clean with Tipsy cards worth one point. These can be played with Sandra from accounts.

As you get more drunk you can advance through the levels up to the three point Sloshed cards! Probably best not to play the three pointers with Sandra...

Succeed in a challenge and choose other players to drink.

Fail a challenge and face the consequences of a forfeit card!

Some cards offer you the chance to double your points if you post a video of your challenge to social media #SorryMum

Remember to crown the winner at the end (crown supplied in box) and forever fawn over them or at least until the next time you play!

It It


"Love this game it’s hilarious! My partner and I manage to make this a 2 player game as well (instead of nominating 3 people to drink, the other person just takes 3 gulps of drink).
We have a right laugh and I love that we can decide to push boundaries if we pick the Sloshed cards.
We’ve played it a few times and still have loads of cards left.
Hoping you guys make expansion packs in the future as that’ll be great!"

- Amazon Customer

"Fun drinking game! Lots of laughs from the whole group"

- Sary, Amazon Customer